Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oooooh, Pizza!

Yes, that is real!

So after the Mets game, I was soooo hungry!  We hadn't eaten dinner, so on our way home we stopped at a pizza place and picked up a slice each....when I say slice, I mean like a New York style slice which probably equals 3 slices!  I have this to say...I ate it ALL!  Yep, all of this cheesy yummy pizza at 11:30 at night!  Heaven forbid, if I was a carb and calorie watchin'! That's probably a big taboo!  Hey, I was happy and full.  And I like being happy and full!  

Our First New York Baseball Game!

Apparently, the apple that comes up after home runs just below the big screen is like their "trademark thing" , it didn't get in my picture, but it was there, a big, shiny apple that spins around.
No popcorn at this game, we had grapes for our snacks, I know, a little boring...

Jesse is yelling about the game...

This weekend we had the chance to go to the New York Mets game with a group of our friends. We had a great time and better yet, Jesse loved it!  It was cute to see him so interested in a baseball game. We even got him a Mets baseball hat to match his daddy!  We may just have to go to more...Josh sure wouldn't mind that! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colors of the market

One of my favorite things about New York are the green markets they have out on the streets.  I love all the tents with the fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, fresh seafood, breads and pastries. This one here is the Union Square Green Market. This market is the one where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan walk through in my favorite movie, You've Got Mail

Some Sights of New York

An "sign/ad of the times" painted on the side of a building.
The U.N., unfortunately, the flags weren't up.
I believe this is the Woolworth Building...
I can't remember this...a church somewhere in Greenwich Village?
This was the first Macey's building
Fifth Avenue with taxis
Flatiron Building
A random memorial for Titanic, the clock is stopped at the time it sank.
Macey's and The Empire State Building
Vertical view of the Empire State Building

We went on a double decker bus tour in New York City around Downtown.  Here are some of the things we saw.

Central Park Zoo

The zoo is in a very cool setting, completely green with tall buildings surrounding it
The boys running off!

We went to Central Park Zoo to entertain ourselves and the little guys, but found that it is not like a traditional zoo.  There were no lions, zebras, giraffes, or hippos.  There were birds, monkeys, a couple of polar bears, a leopard, and sea lions. I guess that's not bad, it was just smaller than I thought it would be. But it was very beautifully landscaped.

Visits from Family!

Desserts, my favorite!

Josh's mom and aunt were headed out on a cruise and stayed in New York for a couple of days before they left. We got to see them and went out to dinner at a yummy restaurant!  It was lots of fun to see them! 

Toys 'R Us

All Legos
Not the real Lady Liberty, but every bit as impressive--made up of little legos
Jesse was terrified, but luckily I was able to charm T-Rex out of eating us!
Jesse had no clue that a semi-truck was about to crash into us, but thanks to Superman we are alive!
Showing Jesse the carousel

We stopped at Toys 'R Us in Times Square before meeting Josh's mom and aunt for dinner.  The store is an amazing place.  It could cause sensory over-load for the faint at heart!  But Jesse loved it.  Jesse wanted a lot more, but we left with just two Pixar movies, A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo (Jesse's really likes those Pixar movies and we were tired of watching the ones we already had over and over!).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Food Festival!

Jesse wasn't too happy being stuck in a stroller amidst the crowd--So, Errin, aka. Mary Poppins, pulled out a toy airplane out of her bag, and it made a world of difference! Gotta learn her tricks!

This guy was playing a CLEAR Guitar. He was very into it! He was moving his head so much that the picture of his head is a little fuzzy!
A small break in the crowd!  The crowd made it difficult to maneuver the stroller!  I may have ran over a few feet!
Something close to my heart--BRAZILIAN FOOD!
May not be the best looking picture, but this mac and cheese was yummy!
A delicious bread pudding! I will be back to that restaurant!

Me, Errin, and Elisabeth--Getting ready to fill our tummies with goodness!
While our husbands were at school all day, we went to this fun food and music festival called the Taste of Times Square. All these restaurants set up booths along the streets and we got to sample all these yummy delicacies for a couple of dollars--very cool.