Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You, computer, You!

Woe is me! My old, slow computer hath brought upon me such sorrow!
All I have to say is I was loading 47 pictures onto my computer and you can guess what happened next. But I will keep going... Cute ones, really cute ones, so you know. Pictures of our past couple of weeks' endeavors. Our Mardi Gras party, projects and crafts that I have made (yes, I did want to show you all what I do with my non-blogging time), and sniff, sniff, pictures of Josh, Jesse, and Noelle, including videos of Jesse singing a new song he learned at school and Noelle's first full length walk! Just know that they were really precious to me. Anyway, my computer just decided to send them off into a virtual black hole, and yes, erased both from my computer and camera as it was completing the upload. I don't know why!? It has been having some issues lately. Maybe it will reappear from the black hole.
Oh well, if only I blogged more often I might have not lost as many pictures and video. But then if I did, my pictures would be pictures of me blogging and fiddling at my computer (how boring) and less of our fun endeavors, that now you will never see pictures of...Yes, I always have an excuse for not blogging. But the funny thing is, I think I am the only one who cares that I have not updated my blog. And now I am just blabbering jibber-jabber. Unlike blogging, I am good at that:) Just stop, Melissa, stop writing before you embarrass yourself ;)


These pictures will lighten the mood. Yes, they were saved!

Pardon my mom bragging: Noelle is sooo pretty! And take it on my good word, that Jesse is still very handsome! hehe