Thursday, June 4, 2009

Outdoor Tour of Our Place!

Home Sweet Home!
Cute, little play garden next door.  
Our Friend Fire Station 47
The conveniently located hospital emergency room.

Here are some interesting facts about the street we live on.  First we are conveniently located near the emergency room of the hospital kitty-corner from our apartment--  just in case we get into a mishap (heaven forbid!).  And in case my crazy cooking gets out of control, never fear, Fire Station 47 is next door.  Now, what is that you say?  What about the sirens we hear day in and night out?  That is great.  Jesse loves the ambulance and fire trucks.  Weeooo, weeooo, is what he has learned to say.  It's pretty cute.   As for our ears, they don't think the real sound is that cute! actually hasn't been as bad as we anticipated.  The sirens, you get used to it.  The siren sound is actually a bit different from the piercing siren sounds back home.  

Well, to make up for the fact that they placed us near siren central, we are next door to a lovely little play garden.  Complete with every imaginable toy Jesse could have if he had a backyard.  The only thing that bothers me is I caught a random little boy relieving himself quite freely, and I mean very freely, and became worried about the sanitation of the place.  Maybe I did not need to share that story, but I guess it happens in a lot of places... I will just make sure that Jesse gets a good scrub down of his hands after playing there.  

Next will be a tour of the inside of our place as soon as we get a little more settled!

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  1. Haha - there are tons of sirens! I am glad you think so too :)