Monday, June 8, 2009

Food Festival!

Jesse wasn't too happy being stuck in a stroller amidst the crowd--So, Errin, aka. Mary Poppins, pulled out a toy airplane out of her bag, and it made a world of difference! Gotta learn her tricks!

This guy was playing a CLEAR Guitar. He was very into it! He was moving his head so much that the picture of his head is a little fuzzy!
A small break in the crowd!  The crowd made it difficult to maneuver the stroller!  I may have ran over a few feet!
Something close to my heart--BRAZILIAN FOOD!
May not be the best looking picture, but this mac and cheese was yummy!
A delicious bread pudding! I will be back to that restaurant!

Me, Errin, and Elisabeth--Getting ready to fill our tummies with goodness!
While our husbands were at school all day, we went to this fun food and music festival called the Taste of Times Square. All these restaurants set up booths along the streets and we got to sample all these yummy delicacies for a couple of dollars--very cool. 

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  1. Melissa! Your blog looks so good and the food looks so yummy! I wish we could go again -- we will have to keep our ears turned in for more food festivals :) I LOVE all your cute pics though!