Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jesse the vegetable lover

This is what happened the other evening when we were about to go to bed.


Enter, Mom into the family room.

Jesse is sprawled out on the floor in his Thomas the Train pajamas.

(whining with face to the ground)
Mom,  I have no fuel

(slightly irritated because she is tired, yet in a gentle tone)

(matter of fact-ly)
I have no fuel, I need fuel.

(irritation rising, yet still calm, letting out a very quiet exasperated sigh)
Ok, then let's go to sleep, that will give you fuel.

Mom gives Jesse a hand to pull him up to his feet.
Jesse resists, and stays dramatically sprawled out on the floor.

(matter of fact-ly)
Salad will give me fuel. 

(confused, face scrunches up, not sure she heard correctly)
What? You want salad?

(Slyly, trying to make mom think it was her idea, and that he is innocently following her suggestion)
Ok, if you think salad will give me fuel, I'll eat some.

(confused why Jesse thinks he needs to trick her into letting him eat salad)
Um, well, it's time for bed, but-- 

Awww, but I want salad.

(amused that he is whining because he wants salad!?)
I will let you have salad, even though it's late.

Mom throws a spinach salad with a balsamic vinaigrette at 8:17 P.M.
Jesse eats the entire bowl. 
Then he obediently runs off to get ready for bed.

(taking in what just happened)
Ok-y, Dokey...

I know that is NOT an Academy Award winning screenplay, but I wanted you to picture exactly how that evening went.  It was just funny to me. 
Jesse loves salad.  It's very funny given the fact that he is a 5-year-old-boy.  Most moms are trying to find ways to get their children to eat more vegetables, when Jesse asks for vegetables.  Sometimes that is the only thing he will eat from his plate.  He particularly likes all the green colored ones.  He is a unique one.  
For example, today I made mac and cheese and steamed broccoli for lunch.  He ate ALL of his broccoli and 2 bites of his mac and cheese.  For a snack, he asks for edamame.  No, I am not a magician.   Actually, I don't even know how this happened.  Let's see if little sis is the same way.  I can't quite tell, but if she is the same, then maybe I'm doing SOMETHING right with this mom gig of mine.  Even if Noelle is not a vegetable lover,  I think I still get some points for Jesse's vegetable loving ways.  

Good Bye Summer!

The first day of fall is this Saturday, so here is a farewell to summer -  a slide show of all of our sizzling adventures.  I wasn't able to add text to the pictures for descriptions, so hopefully it is still entertaining (Though I'll keep working on that).  But I was able to add music to it - Jesse's favorite song!  I think it's rather fitting for a summer slide show!

*Now note that there really aren't pictures of us with other people in this slide.  But we actually do have family and friends.  I think there are people who like us and enjoy being with us:) So, yes, we did plenty of things with dear family and friends this summer.  But I don't always put pictures of other people on my blog for their privacy sake, and I really don't note in detail the places that we visit, and I don't add posts about ALL of our adventures - because my blog is...public.  Just being sensitive to stranger danger issues and such.

So I am sorry if you find my posts sometimes vague...  Just envision us as mysterious globe trotters on a dangerous  exhilarating mission and if I blog (blog as a verb?) TOO much info, then all the most delicious chocolate in the world disappears into a big, black hole.  So you can understand my predicament.  Oh, in fact, maybe I have said too much.  But I think my blog will be going private pretty soon... I'll let you know:)  Then my posts can get more...exciting.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Play!

May is for playing!  The weather is official considered lovely and the flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are gracefully bumping into the house's windows.  And that's when I know my dear friend summer is around the corner and winter weather has gone into hiding for a few months, or dare he appear now and face the wrath of Melissa.

Here are a few of the things we did this month, oh, and also last month...tsk, tsk, Melissa, is not the best at updating the blog.  But I will say, it has lately been for a very good reason.  My computer is being difficult.  Anyway, I had it cleaned up a bit, and hopefully it should be better.  Excuses, excuses.

My handsome boy turned 5!  Yep, can't believe that I have a 5-year-old.  I, for some reason, still feel like a child myself, sometimes.  Maybe it's because I am often reminded, by complete strangers, that I look 16 and should not have 2 children in tow unless I am a nanny...aye yai yai

We had a party with his little friends and because kids (and cool adults) like cake and ice cream, I made three!  And I added a choo choo train touch to it, because this is Jesse we are talking about. He really liked it and it made all my hard work worth it.  ps: it wasn't really that was just frosted Nilla wafers, black licorice strands, and Jesse's toy trains.


 Roses, of course, were the flowers of choice for the "Run for the Roses" party
and little plastic horses.

Ok, so we served two classic Derby things,  Above and Below. And our guests brought delicious appetizers.

These of course, were virgin Mint Juleps, and they were a hit:) Tasted like refreshing minty lemonade

I was saying "Josh, just get a close up of my hat."
So this is an awkward picture, but its the best I got of my hat.  I wanted to show it because I made it and the flowers would only stay on for so long:) It was my excuse to wear a flowery, gaudy hat.

P.S. If you are going to the Kentucky Derby or having a related party, you must wear a hat (at least the ladies), of course. That would be like going to the pool without taking your swimsuit. You're either a party pooper, or have no idea what's going on ;) hehe.  Or so that is what they say...

Here are some of the good looking attendees:

 Doesn't Josh look dashing in his pink suit and Panama hat? And I don't know were Noelle was.

 And we are off to the races. Just kidding. We just thought an outdoor picture would be nice.

 This is as good as our family pictures get.  Laws of the universe, I guess, we just can't all look at the camera with a smile at the same time and Noelle has to run away or at least try.

My cute kids


 Jesse was roaring like a dinosaur.  That is how excited he was to be here.

 Can you see the fossils in the rock, and Jesse, behind us?

 She'd just be one little m&m to a dinosaur with a femur that big.  It wouldn't fill his belly up at all.

Noelle just decided to plop herself against some dinosaur bones, and take in the fact that once upon a long time ago, there were scary things that were much, much bigger than her.  Can't you read thoughtful concern on her furrowed brow?

Doesn't she look like her dad?   

My favorite (and Jesse's) part was hiking up to see some petroglyphs. No, not drawn by the dinosaurs.

OK, I believe my computer is now smoking from all pictures I uploaded and posting them all in one post.  So I'll give it rest.  Just know that we had fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunting for eggs!

Showing off his Finds!

I don't know what this pose is about, but at least Jesse seems at peace with his basket

Ready for her plan of attack...

She already knows what to do, and at such a young age...

Wait! There are things, edible, delicious things, inside these colorful eggs?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tricky Little Leprechauns

Leprechauns visited us on St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns are very sneaky...Jesse found out first hand how tricky they are...or perhaps, what a not-so-light sleeper he is, contrary to what he believes. I believe that is a foot and hand print, in case you couldn't tell.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You, computer, You!

Woe is me! My old, slow computer hath brought upon me such sorrow!
All I have to say is I was loading 47 pictures onto my computer and you can guess what happened next. But I will keep going... Cute ones, really cute ones, so you know. Pictures of our past couple of weeks' endeavors. Our Mardi Gras party, projects and crafts that I have made (yes, I did want to show you all what I do with my non-blogging time), and sniff, sniff, pictures of Josh, Jesse, and Noelle, including videos of Jesse singing a new song he learned at school and Noelle's first full length walk! Just know that they were really precious to me. Anyway, my computer just decided to send them off into a virtual black hole, and yes, erased both from my computer and camera as it was completing the upload. I don't know why!? It has been having some issues lately. Maybe it will reappear from the black hole.
Oh well, if only I blogged more often I might have not lost as many pictures and video. But then if I did, my pictures would be pictures of me blogging and fiddling at my computer (how boring) and less of our fun endeavors, that now you will never see pictures of...Yes, I always have an excuse for not blogging. But the funny thing is, I think I am the only one who cares that I have not updated my blog. And now I am just blabbering jibber-jabber. Unlike blogging, I am good at that:) Just stop, Melissa, stop writing before you embarrass yourself ;)


These pictures will lighten the mood. Yes, they were saved!

Pardon my mom bragging: Noelle is sooo pretty! And take it on my good word, that Jesse is still very handsome! hehe

Monday, January 16, 2012

An Ode to 2011!

Hello Everyone!
Its been a couple of months, soooo to sum up our end of the year I have thrown together a little slide show with some cute pictures and a touch of my random style! Enjoy!