Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Blog Needs Help!

I definately need to polish up my blog!  It is a little lame right now.  Everybody's blog is so cute and fun! I love looking at them!  How, I ask, do you make it so cute?  I am deficient in the tech/virtual reality creativity thing.  I need to take a tutorial or something!  My goal is to polish up my blog and take better pics!  


  1. What are you guys doing in New York?
    As for blogs yours is cute, I like your background.
    I just basically copy the cute things I like on other blogs I see. It's hard though, since I'm not tech savvy at all either, and I get bored of mine a lot and always am looking for new things to change about it.

  2. I get all my blog backgrounds from, the instructions for how to upload it are on that website. It has the cutest backgrounds ever. I love your blog, its super fun to see what you guys are up to. We're actually not too far from eachother, next time we take a trip out to New York we'll have to try to meet up!

  3. I love the site "" They have cute headers and stuff for blogs.