Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello to all you dear faithful readers of this blog ;) I have returned! Yes, it has been awhile, and not because I have had nothing to write about and zero awesome pictures of adventures, a handsome husband, and adorable children. It's quite the contrary. With all the fun, adventurous things our family participates in, I just have not had time to tell you all about it here on this blog. You could have called, texted, emailed, or written a letter and I would have told you all about it. But if you were just counting on this blog, you were waiting for quite awhile, or perhaps, gasp, thought that we had fallen into the oblivion of boring! Not true and I shall prove otherwise! But first things first, Halloween was yesterday and here was our Halloween!

As our family costume, (yes, I like to have Family costumes) we were the Incredibles, if you can't tell from these pictures...

Jesse was getting hot in this costume, so hence the semi-frowny...

This would have been an awesome perfect picture, but I didn't have my crime fighting gloves on...oh and Jesse should have put his candy bag down...

I remembered my gloves this time but My hubby and little boy had some crooked masks on...We were supposed to look like an imposing crime fighting family but...instead we just looked cute ;) (And really, I don't think it is physically possible for me to look imposing - silly, I can do, but not imposing)

Noelle and Jesse also had a second costume: Little Pumpkin and Thomas the Train

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics of Jesse as Thomas because, he would take it right off as soon as I took the picture.

And Noelle wouldn't keep her hat on.

Hey give me some credit for those almost perfect family pictures of us as The Incredibles. It's tricky getting everyone to have all their costume elements on, looking at the camera with a smile or an imposing crime fighting face AND making sure that their emblems were facing forward. Yes, they are great sports and very patient with my Halloween craziness.

By the way, besides going to Josh's work as the Incredibles, we also went trick or treating in those costumes. I should clarify, TOOK Jesse trick or treating. We aren't that childish ;) And, wow, were we a hit, for the little ones at least. It was like we were working at Disneyland and all the little kids would point at us and say, "Look, there's the Incredibles!" It was funny. And beneficial! We, as parents, were even offered candy! I just don't know if it was because they thought we were cool, or just felt badly for how silly we were walking around in red spandex on Halloween night.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My little kiddies

I am so in love with my kiddies. I feel time goes by so quickly and I just desperately want them to stay 7 months and 4 years old for just a little longer! That sounds crazy to some. Yes, at times I feel like pulling my hair out. But those moments are endearing...hehe...just look at those faces. You cannot be upset, at least for too long, with those faces.

Serious Jesse.
Silly Jesse. What a tease...

Jesse is not afraid to come near his sister even when she is sticky with mashed bananas.

Noelle. Just look at her. I don't need to say more...

She has the greatest baby giggle and squeal. It just emanates from this picture, doesn't it? :)

This is how Jesse "eats" his strawberries with cream. Just bites off the ends, lines them up, and says "I ran out of my strawberries". When he is not looking, I just bite the rest of his strawberries until they are really gone.

Jesse saw me taking pictures of his strawberries and so the next day he made me take another picture of him with the strawberry he "finished".

Now can you see why I want them to be 7 months and 4 years old a little longer? They are endearing...hehe

Summer Days on the Lake

We went out to the lake with some family and I just had to post the pictures of my kidlets going tubing! Kids always make things more fun...To my hubby, I am not saying you are not fun enough, you are like my big kid. :) So you are included in that sentence.

Josh and Jesse on the tube

Noelle was a good sport in her squishy life vest.

Jesse on the "Red Baron"

Testing out the waters...

Noelle's first tube ride! She fell asleep on the ride!

Our Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July Mascot!

Neighborhood Breakfast and Parade

Jesse was determined (just look at his face) to be in the front of the parade.

Jesse wanted to highlight his swollen allergy eyes with the parachutes that came from the fireworks

Noelle in her patriotic glory

We made homemade peach ice cream (heavenly by the way) and Noelle had a bit of a taste...
She was just fine, no allergic reactions to the dairy:) In fact she even slept better that night.

Sparkler Writing! Yes, it is so COOL!

We had a blast on the Fourth of July weekend! And by the way, we had an awesome BBQ, with yummy food. I will post that on my food blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The "Mod" do

Noelle at 2 months
Noelle at almost 5 months

Just demonstrating Noelle's hairstyle. Again I don't do this to her, it does it all by itself! Since she was 2 months old! Let me explain the style as the pictures don't really show the true essence of it. Just the hair at the crown sticks straight up and it sweeps together in the middle forming a very stylish faux-hawk. So sweet. David Beckham, you've got nothin' on this faux-hawk. A little lady can pull it off just as lovely.

P.S. Jesse's hair did the same thing at the same age

Miss Noelle

Here is the most recent picture of Noelle. I just took them as of 10 minutes ago and loaded them on the computer! She is pretty cute if I do say so myself! Such a fun age too (FYI - 5 months)! And her hair, it just sticks straight up all by itself. No product, no styling:) Miss mod hair-do girl! Au naturale, at that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jesse and Noelle

Noelle at about 1 month old, and Jesse at crazy 3 years old

So here are my updates on Noelle, as promised!

Jesse adores her, almost a little too much. Well, I guess that is not such a bad thing unless you are three years old. He just can't stand not being 2 inches away from her face. And it's like she anticipates it too, her eyes grow wider and she tenses up a little every time. But we know it's because Jesse loves her so much, he just can't help it. But for now he needs a little
supervision ;)

These are my pictures from Christmas as you can tell. They were my little Christmas Elves:)


Maybe a little too close...

Another case in point...

Leaning over...

Nooo...Not close enough...

Much better!

Noelle's a lucky little girl to have such a awesome big brother!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally a post! Dedicated to our Bundle of Joy!

Three days old and peacefully asleep, of course!

First of all forgive me because it has been far too long since I have written anything on this blog of mine. And second, I have not blogged because I just haven't. But I do have plenty to blog about!

I feel that I should finally introduce you to the little bundle who looks like a Madame Alexander Doll, our baby Noelle. My little Mini Me but, of course, much, much cuter, so much cuter.

Noelle Maria
December 13th, 2010
7lbs, 9 0z
20 1/2 inches

Who is now a delightful almost 3 month old (Um, sorry for the lack of blogging) who smiles like it's nobody's business but her own. Love, love her! What can I say, I think it is safe to say that we are all in love with Noelle. And you should really come see her in person because she will steal your heart, too!

To answer those of you with one little bambino, having 2 munchkins is slightly more tricky, and to those of you with 3+ little tykes, I know you are laughing at me right now. I'm just taking it one at a time. I am just blessed to have 2 darling little kids!

p.s. I will post her other more recent pictures in a day or two. I want you to "relish" her newborn cuteness, since I didn't post these pictures earlier.