Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesse's Got Soul...Choo Choo Soul

Jesse loves to sing! It's really the funniest thing, because I'm sure not a singer! I remember when we were in the hospital, and newborn Jesse was crying very loudly. The nurse walked in amazed at his crying. "Wow, he's got some lungs," she said. And ever since then random people have always commented what a loud voice he has, and that perhaps he will be a singer. Haha, I sure wouldn't mind since I was not blessed with the gift of singing! Sure, I can sing, but it is not a gift! Haha.

Here are the songs that he loves to sing:
Disney Channel's Handy Manny theme
Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club House theme
Life is a Highway song by Rascal Flattson Disney's Cars
AND this one below in the video!

Seriously, he SINGS these songs! Maybe not the whole thing but a couple of the sentences over and over! He has the melody and rhythm! Its really so funny!

Well, lately Jesse sure likes to sing out loud in public a lot! This one song he is singing in this video is from the Disney Channel's Choo Choo Soul. He will just burst out in song while riding on the subway, singing, "All aboard the Choo Choo Train!" It is pretty funny, especially for those riding with us! I do have another video of him singing on the subway, too! Will have to post that later!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, Jesse's Hair! We will miss you!

He looks funny in this pic! He wasn't feeling very well and he is silly! He likes to make funny faces when I take pictures of him!

I initially wanted to simply "trim" his sweet, precious hair, but cutting hair when he was in the bath might have been a bad idea. He was wiggly and I was in a hurry, and didn't notice that the front chunk of his hair that I grabbed would be a little more than a trim. And right when I closed the scissors on his hair, Josh said, "Melis! That's too short!" It was too late, his precious, dark hair fell down like tears... I grabbed the pieces, "Noooooo!", desperately trying to stick the pieces back to his forhead. Realistically, I knew it wouldn't work, but by some magical sticking force, I was hoping it would. I felt so badly... I don't know if it was because I realized what a horrible barber I am or because Jesse looked like a funny-looking monk and was still as happy as can be!
In positive desperation, Josh and I, as a team, began trying to trim his whole hair, thinking if we could just make the other parts even out, it would look just fine. Much to our dismay, it only got worse. The final decision was to buzz it. The one thing I was trying to avoid! I kept tellling Josh "No, it's fine. If we just get some gel, and like, style it all funky, nobody will be able to tell. We just will get him some gel or mousse." But I knew better. Buzzing it would make it look a little more respectable.

So we buzzed it. We tried to leave it as long as possible. It's not perfect. I still use gel to make it look all "funky" so the uneven parts are not as noticeable. Oh. If you only knew how lovely his long, hair was... Maybe I am only overreacting because I am his mom, but it was his little trademark since he was an itty-bitty baby

But the two good things about this story is that Jesse still looks cute, and hair grows back.

Here is a funny video of Jesse seeing himself for the first time after his haircut. He has always had long hair, and I guess was never used to seeing his eyebrows and ears! He seems pretty fascinated with himself! Hehe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Announcing my New Food Blog!

I have been wanting to do a food blog since last year, just to share all my favorite recipes, and to also keep track of them too! I finally got around to it. It will just be a blog about recipes I've tried, restaurants I like, and entertaining ideas I come across and other cooking stuff. It's kind of targeted towards the cute little wives and working and stay-at-home moms who want to follow me in my adventures in cooking, eating, and entertaining as a wife and a mom!

So here it is, Check it out (:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blogging, Schmogging

I had set a goal to be an avid blogger, to share all my little life's morsels with those willing to indulge. Unfortunately, I have become a little sloppy with my blogging. I have seemed to forgotten that goal...So here's to those who are wondering: more to come when I am able! (: Right now I have a little 2-year-old who likes to ask me to find pictures of lightning McQueen whenever I am on the computer! I'm serious. He already knows about searching on Google Images!