Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cupcakes make it all better!

Here are the carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes, I am partial to the chocolate! Sorry, no pics of us eating, we devoured them too fast!

Jesse eating a sugar cookie!  It was also really good!
Me and Anne showing off the awesome cupcakes! 
(Sorry I didn't hold my cupcakes down enough!)

So It had been raining all week long!  On Friday, it literally rained ALL day!  But we braved the rain and hung out with our friends Ryan and Anne, who live here in NYC.  We went to a yummy pizza restaurant in Times Square and then visited Magnolia Bakery.  This bakery is famous for their cupcakes (On Oprah's list, etc.)! And I have been wanting to try it! We had a good time with our friends and are so happy that we have them here to hang out and of course, show us the ropes of living in this crazy city!  


  1. Love all these new posts, keep em coming! It is fun to see how things are going in NYC!

  2. Oh, how fun for you guys to be having a new adventure in NYC! We'll be checking in often to see what the latest and greatest of the Woodbury's is. :) Miss you guys.