Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toys 'R Us

All Legos
Not the real Lady Liberty, but every bit as impressive--made up of little legos
Jesse was terrified, but luckily I was able to charm T-Rex out of eating us!
Jesse had no clue that a semi-truck was about to crash into us, but thanks to Superman we are alive!
Showing Jesse the carousel

We stopped at Toys 'R Us in Times Square before meeting Josh's mom and aunt for dinner.  The store is an amazing place.  It could cause sensory over-load for the faint at heart!  But Jesse loved it.  Jesse wanted a lot more, but we left with just two Pixar movies, A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo (Jesse's really likes those Pixar movies and we were tired of watching the ones we already had over and over!).

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