Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Bye Summer!

The first day of fall is this Saturday, so here is a farewell to summer -  a slide show of all of our sizzling adventures.  I wasn't able to add text to the pictures for descriptions, so hopefully it is still entertaining (Though I'll keep working on that).  But I was able to add music to it - Jesse's favorite song!  I think it's rather fitting for a summer slide show!

*Now note that there really aren't pictures of us with other people in this slide.  But we actually do have family and friends.  I think there are people who like us and enjoy being with us:) So, yes, we did plenty of things with dear family and friends this summer.  But I don't always put pictures of other people on my blog for their privacy sake, and I really don't note in detail the places that we visit, and I don't add posts about ALL of our adventures - because my blog is...public.  Just being sensitive to stranger danger issues and such.

So I am sorry if you find my posts sometimes vague...  Just envision us as mysterious globe trotters on a dangerous  exhilarating mission and if I blog (blog as a verb?) TOO much info, then all the most delicious chocolate in the world disappears into a big, black hole.  So you can understand my predicament.  Oh, in fact, maybe I have said too much.  But I think my blog will be going private pretty soon... I'll let you know:)  Then my posts can get more...exciting.

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  1. Heaven forbid the chocolate disaster from happening!!! But still I'm glad for all the pictures of your summer - they're fabulous! My personal favorites: on the bridge, N with dog, M eating, N on daddy's shoulders, Mommy and Daddy at thr harbor, your toes - they're awesome!, N in pigtails - so adorable!, and her asleep in the highchair and sitting on the log, J getting shaved, naughty you in the dunce chair, daddy and daughter at the desk, both pix of daddy with kidlets, and N in her helmet. They're all priceless!