Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jesse the vegetable lover

This is what happened the other evening when we were about to go to bed.


Enter, Mom into the family room.

Jesse is sprawled out on the floor in his Thomas the Train pajamas.

(whining with face to the ground)
Mom,  I have no fuel

(slightly irritated because she is tired, yet in a gentle tone)

(matter of fact-ly)
I have no fuel, I need fuel.

(irritation rising, yet still calm, letting out a very quiet exasperated sigh)
Ok, then let's go to sleep, that will give you fuel.

Mom gives Jesse a hand to pull him up to his feet.
Jesse resists, and stays dramatically sprawled out on the floor.

(matter of fact-ly)
Salad will give me fuel. 

(confused, face scrunches up, not sure she heard correctly)
What? You want salad?

(Slyly, trying to make mom think it was her idea, and that he is innocently following her suggestion)
Ok, if you think salad will give me fuel, I'll eat some.

(confused why Jesse thinks he needs to trick her into letting him eat salad)
Um, well, it's time for bed, but-- 

Awww, but I want salad.

(amused that he is whining because he wants salad!?)
I will let you have salad, even though it's late.

Mom throws a spinach salad with a balsamic vinaigrette at 8:17 P.M.
Jesse eats the entire bowl. 
Then he obediently runs off to get ready for bed.

(taking in what just happened)
Ok-y, Dokey...

I know that is NOT an Academy Award winning screenplay, but I wanted you to picture exactly how that evening went.  It was just funny to me. 
Jesse loves salad.  It's very funny given the fact that he is a 5-year-old-boy.  Most moms are trying to find ways to get their children to eat more vegetables, when Jesse asks for vegetables.  Sometimes that is the only thing he will eat from his plate.  He particularly likes all the green colored ones.  He is a unique one.  
For example, today I made mac and cheese and steamed broccoli for lunch.  He ate ALL of his broccoli and 2 bites of his mac and cheese.  For a snack, he asks for edamame.  No, I am not a magician.   Actually, I don't even know how this happened.  Let's see if little sis is the same way.  I can't quite tell, but if she is the same, then maybe I'm doing SOMETHING right with this mom gig of mine.  Even if Noelle is not a vegetable lover,  I think I still get some points for Jesse's vegetable loving ways.  

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  1. I laughed so much reading your screenplay - I can just picture the movie when it comes out, how Jesse became the newest Super Hero, "Captain Vegetable!!!!"