Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Play!

May is for playing!  The weather is official considered lovely and the flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are gracefully bumping into the house's windows.  And that's when I know my dear friend summer is around the corner and winter weather has gone into hiding for a few months, or dare he appear now and face the wrath of Melissa.

Here are a few of the things we did this month, oh, and also last month...tsk, tsk, Melissa, is not the best at updating the blog.  But I will say, it has lately been for a very good reason.  My computer is being difficult.  Anyway, I had it cleaned up a bit, and hopefully it should be better.  Excuses, excuses.

My handsome boy turned 5!  Yep, can't believe that I have a 5-year-old.  I, for some reason, still feel like a child myself, sometimes.  Maybe it's because I am often reminded, by complete strangers, that I look 16 and should not have 2 children in tow unless I am a nanny...aye yai yai

We had a party with his little friends and because kids (and cool adults) like cake and ice cream, I made three!  And I added a choo choo train touch to it, because this is Jesse we are talking about. He really liked it and it made all my hard work worth it.  ps: it wasn't really that was just frosted Nilla wafers, black licorice strands, and Jesse's toy trains.


 Roses, of course, were the flowers of choice for the "Run for the Roses" party
and little plastic horses.

Ok, so we served two classic Derby things,  Above and Below. And our guests brought delicious appetizers.

These of course, were virgin Mint Juleps, and they were a hit:) Tasted like refreshing minty lemonade

I was saying "Josh, just get a close up of my hat."
So this is an awkward picture, but its the best I got of my hat.  I wanted to show it because I made it and the flowers would only stay on for so long:) It was my excuse to wear a flowery, gaudy hat.

P.S. If you are going to the Kentucky Derby or having a related party, you must wear a hat (at least the ladies), of course. That would be like going to the pool without taking your swimsuit. You're either a party pooper, or have no idea what's going on ;) hehe.  Or so that is what they say...

Here are some of the good looking attendees:

 Doesn't Josh look dashing in his pink suit and Panama hat? And I don't know were Noelle was.

 And we are off to the races. Just kidding. We just thought an outdoor picture would be nice.

 This is as good as our family pictures get.  Laws of the universe, I guess, we just can't all look at the camera with a smile at the same time and Noelle has to run away or at least try.

My cute kids


 Jesse was roaring like a dinosaur.  That is how excited he was to be here.

 Can you see the fossils in the rock, and Jesse, behind us?

 She'd just be one little m&m to a dinosaur with a femur that big.  It wouldn't fill his belly up at all.

Noelle just decided to plop herself against some dinosaur bones, and take in the fact that once upon a long time ago, there were scary things that were much, much bigger than her.  Can't you read thoughtful concern on her furrowed brow?

Doesn't she look like her dad?   

My favorite (and Jesse's) part was hiking up to see some petroglyphs. No, not drawn by the dinosaurs.

OK, I believe my computer is now smoking from all pictures I uploaded and posting them all in one post.  So I'll give it rest.  Just know that we had fun!


  1. Love, love, looooooooooved this post!! What fun parties! Your little family is so gorgeous. You couldn't take an awkward picture if you TRIED!! Miss you guys. What beautiful babies you have! My mind is blown that Jesse is 5!

  2. I don't know why I haven't put a comment here before - I've looked at this post several times. But I just love it - your handsome 5-year-old and his fun train cake, the Derby party that looks so fun (your family is definitely the best dressed and you and Josh would have fit right in at the actual racetrack), and Dino land. I love the one with Noelle snuggled up to the dino bone wall! They should use that picture for advertising...