Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July Mascot!

Neighborhood Breakfast and Parade

Jesse was determined (just look at his face) to be in the front of the parade.

Jesse wanted to highlight his swollen allergy eyes with the parachutes that came from the fireworks

Noelle in her patriotic glory

We made homemade peach ice cream (heavenly by the way) and Noelle had a bit of a taste...
She was just fine, no allergic reactions to the dairy:) In fact she even slept better that night.

Sparkler Writing! Yes, it is so COOL!

We had a blast on the Fourth of July weekend! And by the way, we had an awesome BBQ, with yummy food. I will post that on my food blog.


  1. so so cute! Jesse looks so much older with his new hair cut & Noelle is gorgeous! We really need to get together soon! We are gone this week but lets please, please plan something for next. We would love to see you guys! We miss you guys so much! Looks like your summer is going great! Love, us

  2. Jesse is as handsome and camera-gorgeous as ever and Noelle is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe how much she is changing and growing up!

  3. ANd how did you do the sparkler writing - so cool!