Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello to all you dear faithful readers of this blog ;) I have returned! Yes, it has been awhile, and not because I have had nothing to write about and zero awesome pictures of adventures, a handsome husband, and adorable children. It's quite the contrary. With all the fun, adventurous things our family participates in, I just have not had time to tell you all about it here on this blog. You could have called, texted, emailed, or written a letter and I would have told you all about it. But if you were just counting on this blog, you were waiting for quite awhile, or perhaps, gasp, thought that we had fallen into the oblivion of boring! Not true and I shall prove otherwise! But first things first, Halloween was yesterday and here was our Halloween!

As our family costume, (yes, I like to have Family costumes) we were the Incredibles, if you can't tell from these pictures...

Jesse was getting hot in this costume, so hence the semi-frowny...

This would have been an awesome perfect picture, but I didn't have my crime fighting gloves on...oh and Jesse should have put his candy bag down...

I remembered my gloves this time but My hubby and little boy had some crooked masks on...We were supposed to look like an imposing crime fighting family but...instead we just looked cute ;) (And really, I don't think it is physically possible for me to look imposing - silly, I can do, but not imposing)

Noelle and Jesse also had a second costume: Little Pumpkin and Thomas the Train

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics of Jesse as Thomas because, he would take it right off as soon as I took the picture.

And Noelle wouldn't keep her hat on.

Hey give me some credit for those almost perfect family pictures of us as The Incredibles. It's tricky getting everyone to have all their costume elements on, looking at the camera with a smile or an imposing crime fighting face AND making sure that their emblems were facing forward. Yes, they are great sports and very patient with my Halloween craziness.

By the way, besides going to Josh's work as the Incredibles, we also went trick or treating in those costumes. I should clarify, TOOK Jesse trick or treating. We aren't that childish ;) And, wow, were we a hit, for the little ones at least. It was like we were working at Disneyland and all the little kids would point at us and say, "Look, there's the Incredibles!" It was funny. And beneficial! We, as parents, were even offered candy! I just don't know if it was because they thought we were cool, or just felt badly for how silly we were walking around in red spandex on Halloween night.