Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gettysburg Trip

Yucky weather!
Jesse was hiding from the cold and the wind!
But what a pretty drive...

Funny story about our bright yellow, gold rental car: We were just driving down Amsterdam Avenue near our apartment and an elderly man jumps out into the street trying to "flag" us down. He thought the car was a taxi cab! Josh and I had a good laugh. Such a "beautiful" color, isn't it? It's not TRUE taxi yellow, but I can see if were are an elderly person and your eyesight wasn't 100% it could definitely look like a taxi:) It definitely made an impression. I guess you had to see it in person. In fact Jesse still talks about this car. It was his "favorite".

This spring we decided to visit Gettysburg on our second trip to PA. Very cool place, in both senses of the word. We wanted to jump out of the car during our audio tour to see the cool sites, but at the same time wanted to stay in our car because it was so cold outside!

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