Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jesse's Birthday and Easter!

What a lucky day for 3-year-old whose a glutton for presents and attention! That lucky boy would be Jesse. That's right Jesse. His birthday and Easter happened to fall on the same day, and that meant all kinds of fun activites as you can see above. I pretty much just let him do what ever he wanted to do. If he wanted to eat a popsicle for breakfast, why not? If he wanted to have 3 Easter egg hunts, sure! Eat his Easter candy before dinner? Of course! If he thought he would look so great running around with his shirt off outside, I'll support his confidence. The chocolate face went really well with his shirtless appearance. If he wanted to wear his dinosaur shirt, why not, boys should like dinosaurs. If he felt like another popsicle, okay! If he wanted to be the chef and help make an awesome Texas beef brisket dinner with roasted vegetables, blue cheese mashed potatoes, and homemade Lion House rolls, he's a little boy after my own heart. If he didn't want to eat dinner and just wanted to blow out the candles on his cake twice, hey, these things only happen ONCE, so of course! Oh, did I mention that he didn't want a nap and I thought that would be okay? Well, you can only imagine what a day this turned out to be...A Happy Birthday for Jesse. And a Happy Easter for all of us including my brother and Dad who came to visit!
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  1. What a fun mom! I can't believe he's 3 already, wow! Hey I'm coming to Boston in June with Dave. He's going for med school and I'm tagging along. I hear NY isn't THAT far.... will you still be there? Is there anyway we can meet up somehow?? Miss you!

  2. What a lucky boy! Can't wait to celebrate together next year!

  3. Wait, um can we have some explanations of the pictures on the side of your blog? You went to Italy? And you took Jesse? Wow! It looks AMAZING! And we can't wait for you to move back, even if we may only be here for a few more months.