Monday, February 1, 2010

So cool...I want it!

Oh my goodness! I saw this Wii game on the Ellen Show and I really want it! It looks so fun! It's more of real dancing compared to Dance, Dance Revolution where you just step on the arrows on the pad when you see them on the screen, this game is actual dancing! How fun is that? Just a good way to get your dance on and be crazy and get points for it! Hahaha! Here is the link to see what it's like. Now I just have to get a Wii console first... Anyone offering a free Wii?


  1. Hey! We got it and it is really fun!!! We laugh our heads off doing it! You'll have to get it. Even Mia does it!

  2. Melissa! So glad to finally find you/your blog! :) And, YES I totally agree about this game. (secret: I bought it for John for v-day, so you can come play it next week!!) :)

    Yippee, knitting and dancing here we come.