Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Pics

Jesse being a monkey on the bars
Waiting in the TKTS line for broadway can tell we were having a fun time...
Jesse and Cannon.  Jesse making one of his silly faces
The huge cathedral down the street from our place has cool seals on the floor
A Michael Jackson memorial by the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem
That posing MJ thing was made of flowers

4th of July

My camera can't take pics of faraway things in the dark, but this is the Empire State with the red, white, and blue turned out kind of cool...

Jesse hanging out with his daddy!

Our group are the people looking at the camera and plus the little boys, 
The other side of the group...yes, I am in this picture, too and I'm not looking at the camera
The front of the group...yep, I'm in this one, again.
Here we are crouching trying to see all the fireworks.  Those darn trees! (p.s. Jesse is on my lap)

We watched fireworks from the Hudson River with a big group of friends.  We all got there early to save spots and found that when the fireworks came, we could only see half of them.  The bottom half was cut off because of the trees along the street!  So frustrating.  And we though we had good seats since we got there 3 1/2 hours before!  It was still fun, though!

So many things, so little time...maybe

We went to a Yankees game and Jesse, on his own, learned to say, "Let's Go Yankees!" So funny!

Jesse loves baseball games!  He always asks to go to one!

It was Cannon's birthday and so Errin but a cute little picnic together at Central Park!
And she made yummy homemade Oreos!

Rob and Adrian also visited us this month!  We had lots of fun showing them around! Here we are on the Brooklyn Bridge!
Jesse and Amelia taking a rest and a drink on the pillow!  Jason and Kim and cute, little Amelia visited us a couple weeks ago.  That was definitely a lovely highlight of the month!

So I haven't been very worthy when it comes to updating the blog.  But maybe nobody has really noticed? Anyway, we have done lots of fun things, as there are so many things to do in this cool city!  But whether I have not posted it because I have had little time...umm, I am not so sure that is accurate.  It's mostly because I am a little lazy when it comes to updating this blog!  I have to be honest.  I really have other things I would rather do than virtual reality blogging/facebook/twitter stuff.  But I know there are a small few of you who do care about this blog and I would love to share our adventures with you, so here is a recap of the last couple of weeks!  p.s. And I also love reading about how others are doing, so for that I am grateful for blogs (:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Takes the Cake for the Coolest Cake!

So this is on one of the food blogs I like (FYI: I love to cook!).   If you are looking for a fun birthday cake or an April Fool's dessert, here it is.  I'd like to say its awesome and a little gross at the same time!

Where The Wild Things Are

So LAST Halloween, Josh and I had already planned to dress up for THIS Halloween as the characters from the children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are."  A book that we both love, and Jesse loves! And Jesse was going to be Max, in the cute little monster outfit with the bushy tail and pointed ears, etc.  If you don't know this book, that's crazy! and look it's a classic!  So Jesse totally reminds me of Max, because he doesn't like to eat his dinner, and throws a fit, and often goes to bed without eating dinner, and likes to roar and boss us around (don't worry, he is also a sweet boy). He even has quite an imagination at this age! So I thought it would be really fun to all dress up as characters from the book(we, of course, would be the Wild Things)!  BUT I found out that there is a "Where the Wild Things Are" movie coming out THIS OCTOBER!  Which sounds really fun, but it sort of takes the Hooorah out of our "creative" idea to dress up as characters from "Where the Wild Things Are".  I think that everyone and their little boy will be dressing up as that, and Josh and I don't want to dress up with the masses!  SO-- just so you know, we had planned to dress up as the monsters and Max this Halloween WAY before we knew there was a movie coming out...just wanted to get that out there(:
So much for our cool idea...but at least I am excited for the movie! We will just find another idea!
Here is the link for the trailer: