Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween, about time I post you!

Trick or Treating, awkward pose for me!
Roaring Jesse with his cousins!

So we had a lovely Halloween in Salt Lake, a bit busy, but fun! It was too short, unfortunately! And I realized how I miss the luxuries of Salt Lake- family, a car, Cafe Rio (I crave it all the time!), a "real" grocery store, so close to Target, cheap prices of just "things", the beautiful mountains, clean smelling air...Ah, yes...but don't worry, we still love you, New York!

So I made Jesse a make shift costume of Max, from "Where the Wild Things Are." His costume was a pair of pajamas with the footsies (found it online), and I added some claws to the feet and made the hood with ears all by hand, no sewing machine here. Oh, yes, and I found a tail online, too. It worked, but I think that he kind of looked a little like the Easter Bunny instead...but I didn't tell Jesse that! He just roared his terrible roar, and gnashed his terrible teeth and ran around like he was the king of all Wild Things! It was so cute to see him running around like a crazy "Max". He loved trick or treating, too! He was a natural! Wouldn't expect anything less from a candy fiend!

All in all, we had a good Halloween, and most of it did have to do with the fact that we spent it with our families! It was fun to see you all!

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  1. make-shift? No way! Jesse looked awesome. I wish we could have caught a picture of Jesse and Creed in their costumes together. Maybe they'll still fit into them when you move back.

    And good luck with potty training. We just got through that. The first few days were torture, and I wanted to give up, but we haven't had an accident in over a week so you can totally do it!