Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jesse's Got Soul...Choo Choo Soul

Jesse loves to sing! It's really the funniest thing, because I'm sure not a singer! I remember when we were in the hospital, and newborn Jesse was crying very loudly. The nurse walked in amazed at his crying. "Wow, he's got some lungs," she said. And ever since then random people have always commented what a loud voice he has, and that perhaps he will be a singer. Haha, I sure wouldn't mind since I was not blessed with the gift of singing! Sure, I can sing, but it is not a gift! Haha.

Here are the songs that he loves to sing:
Disney Channel's Handy Manny theme
Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club House theme
Life is a Highway song by Rascal Flattson Disney's Cars
AND this one below in the video!

Seriously, he SINGS these songs! Maybe not the whole thing but a couple of the sentences over and over! He has the melody and rhythm! Its really so funny!

Well, lately Jesse sure likes to sing out loud in public a lot! This one song he is singing in this video is from the Disney Channel's Choo Choo Soul. He will just burst out in song while riding on the subway, singing, "All aboard the Choo Choo Train!" It is pretty funny, especially for those riding with us! I do have another video of him singing on the subway, too! Will have to post that later!

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