Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My little kiddies

I am so in love with my kiddies. I feel time goes by so quickly and I just desperately want them to stay 7 months and 4 years old for just a little longer! That sounds crazy to some. Yes, at times I feel like pulling my hair out. But those moments are endearing...hehe...just look at those faces. You cannot be upset, at least for too long, with those faces.

Serious Jesse.
Silly Jesse. What a tease...

Jesse is not afraid to come near his sister even when she is sticky with mashed bananas.

Noelle. Just look at her. I don't need to say more...

She has the greatest baby giggle and squeal. It just emanates from this picture, doesn't it? :)

This is how Jesse "eats" his strawberries with cream. Just bites off the ends, lines them up, and says "I ran out of my strawberries". When he is not looking, I just bite the rest of his strawberries until they are really gone.

Jesse saw me taking pictures of his strawberries and so the next day he made me take another picture of him with the strawberry he "finished".

Now can you see why I want them to be 7 months and 4 years old a little longer? They are endearing...hehe

Summer Days on the Lake

We went out to the lake with some family and I just had to post the pictures of my kidlets going tubing! Kids always make things more fun...To my hubby, I am not saying you are not fun enough, you are like my big kid. :) So you are included in that sentence.

Josh and Jesse on the tube

Noelle was a good sport in her squishy life vest.

Jesse on the "Red Baron"

Testing out the waters...

Noelle's first tube ride! She fell asleep on the ride!

Our Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July Mascot!

Neighborhood Breakfast and Parade

Jesse was determined (just look at his face) to be in the front of the parade.

Jesse wanted to highlight his swollen allergy eyes with the parachutes that came from the fireworks

Noelle in her patriotic glory

We made homemade peach ice cream (heavenly by the way) and Noelle had a bit of a taste...
She was just fine, no allergic reactions to the dairy:) In fact she even slept better that night.

Sparkler Writing! Yes, it is so COOL!

We had a blast on the Fourth of July weekend! And by the way, we had an awesome BBQ, with yummy food. I will post that on my food blog.