Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Autumn in Vermont

On our way, we stopped at this place in Connecticut that was featured on the Food Network Show, "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"--we really like that show by the way! It was a BBQ place, we shared this baking sheet filled with food--mmm, good!
Jesse doing his "thinking/smart face" since we were at Yale University.
Playing at a water fountain at Yale University (Beautiful campus, just so ya know)
At the Apple and Crafts Fair in Woodstock, Vermont. Jesse loves tractors!
Visiting Billings Farm in Woodstock, Vermont

The Apple and Crafts fair had yummy small town, homemade desserts!
Just apple pickin'
Beautiful Drive!
Beautiful town we accidently stumbled upon when we got lost! Where is the town? Yeah, it was only like 2 houses and a church.

Posing in the middle of I don't know where! But it was very pretty and we needed to get out of the car to stretch!
Jesse didn't quite understand the concept of this apple game. He just used his hands!
Jesse decided on this trip that he really liked cows!
Marching through the apple orchard

Helping carry the apple picking contraption
Mmm, good apple.

We had ourselves a little trip this weekend and drove up to Vermont to check out the beautiful autumn colors in New England. Supposedly, Vermont has one of the more vibrant of autumn colors because they have a highly concentrated population of Oak trees. I guess Oak leaves have the pretty colors? Okay, there is your science fact for the day.
Anyway, it was absolutely beautiful in Vermont and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking in beautiful autumn in New England. You have to go when the leaves are at the peak of the colors. We went up to Woodstock, Vermont and the drive to this destination was gorgeous. Okay, maybe Josh and I were so "nature struck" by our surroundings during our trip because we have been living on Manhattan for the last few months and being suddenly surrounded by rolling hills with orange, green, yellow, and red trees along with clean rivers running through the hills was very refreshing. We had a great time! We visited Yale University on our way up to Vermont, visited an apple and crafts fair, a farm, an apple orchard, and a monument at Joseph Smith's birth place. Just small town, countryside stuff. I took lots of pics, these are just a few of them, just so you get the idea!


  1. Looks like fun! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you so soon!

  2. Jealous! How beautiful and so fun! Miss you and see you soon!